Vacuum flushing is used as a cleaning device in rainwater retention basins. In the event of heavy rain, drains in the pool are temporarily stored and slowed down into the drainage channel. The solids contained in the water settle on the ground during storage. When emptying the basin, the flow velocities are so low that the solids are not flooded and therefore remain there.

The deposited solids contain organic substances that develop biogas, bad smells and concrete corrosion. Therefore cleaning work must be carried out regularly. With the vacuum rinse, the pools can be cleaned automatically after every rain event.

After a rain event has occurred, the water level in the vacuum chamber is increased by means of a vacuum pump. After reaching the preset water level in the vacuum chamber, the valve is opened. As a result of gravity, a surge that cleans the pelvic floor.


-Fill level can be detected and set by sensor

-Corrosion free material, no moving part in the pool

- Rinsing with mixed water, no consumption of fresh water

-Access to the devices without getting into the pool

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