When the dirty water is stored, dirt and mud are deposited on the sole in rain pools. The deposits cause odor nuisance and damage the pool through biogenic sulfur corrosion.

In many cases, however, the basins cannot always be designed in such a way that the use of flushing tips or a surge flush is possible. In the case of basin constructions with an unfavorable design or built-in components such as columns, the deposits exist in critical zones that have to be cleaned up by extensive manual work.

Sole cleaning using a jet cleaner is suitable for these pools. The use of several jet pumps can prevent the formation of deposits, but requires high investment costs and energy consumption. The horizontally swiveling jet cleaner offers the possibility of combining cost-effective cleaning with optimal adaptation to the respective pool shape.

The water is drawn in near the bottom of the basin and emitted through the jet pipe. The flow rate is increased by constricting the nozzle. Air is drawn in through the ventilation line and mixed with water. The mixture leads to a strong turbulent flow. The deposit is kept in suspension again and discharged evenly when emptied.

The jet cleaner has an output of 4-27 kW. The pivoting movement at an angle of up to 280 ° enables optimal cleaning of the pelvic floor.


-compact construction

-Reduction of operating costs through high efficiency

-good cleaning in critical areas

-Energy-saving cleaning by means of individually adjustable interval operation

-Explosion protection

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