The tilting weir is used to regulate the discharge and level in the event of an overflow, so that the load of the sewage treatment plant is even. The use of the damper can lead to a significant cost reduction compared to the fixed threshold. Water protection is improved by increasing the storage volume. Due to the version with 4-sided sealing, it can be used for flood protection.

The flap is rotatably mounted on the underside and is moved into the required position by means of the hydraulic cylinder. The weir is made of corrosion-proof material. It is widely used in our projects, e.g. in the relief structure, inflow point into the water and shaft to collect the dirty water.

Thanks to the connection to our intelligent drainage system, the weir can be monitored and operated remotely. We offer the storage flaps with different sizes. Our business area includes all services, including production, delivery, installation and maintenance.


- reliable sealing and regulating

-better water protection by utilizing the storage volume

- upgradeable

- remote monitoring and remote control. (It can be connected to the intelligent drainage system)


The size of the damper can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

Field of application

- Relief structure

-Shaft for collecting the dirty water

-Duct renovation and reshaping

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