The deposits in canals and rain pools limit the performance of the drainage system and have negative effects for residents and the environment. Regularly recurring cleaning work is required for many rain pools and storage canals.

The flushing flap is used to clean the rainwater basin and the storage space channels via flushing surge. When the dry weather drain is small, the flushing flap retains water for flushing the bottom of the basin in the flushing chamber and cleans the rain overflow basin and storage space channels by opening the flap after the end of the accumulation.


-stainless steel 1.4301

-Flushing with mixed water, no consumption of fresh water

-Release of the flap with low energy consumption.

-flexible customization. (Size, number of flushing lanes, arrangement and filling)

-remote monitoring and remote control. (It can be connected to the intelligent drainage system)

Field of application

-Rain pool

-Storage channels

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