Production of machines for rain and wastewater technology

The "Made in Germany" label means higher quality standards for customers. Our expert has more than 25 years of experience in the development and production of wastewater treatment plants. Our products have always been made in Germany to meet the strict quality standard. Our projects and equipment are used across Europe and customer trust is built.

We have been dealing with the development of wastewater treatment technology and the production of systems for years. With innovations, we have launched technology packages for the rain basin, the control of suspended matter and sewer network operation. They have reduced operating and maintenance costs for customers, improved safety, quality and efficiency of water management.

Intelligent drainage system

The figure shows the intelligent drainage system developed by Dingler Wasser. This is a project in Hefei, China. Digitization makes the management of equipment traceable. The operating status of the sewer network, the error messages and the statistical data are automatically recorded and clearly displayed. The system offers a complete solution for monitoring, control, data analysis and coordination with other areas.

The management of urban infrastructures is developing in the direction of the intelligence system. Big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing are important tools for intelligent management of water supply, drainage and urban waters.

The intelligent drainage system developed by Dingler Wasser is a platform with which the digital, automatic and individual management for sewer network, pumping station and rain basin is achieved. At the same time, the platform provides support for the administrator based on data analyzes.

Operation and maintenance services for urban drainage systems

The management and maintenance of the drainage system reflects the development status of a city. To this end, Dingler Wasser has presented a scientific, standardized and intelligent operating and maintenance model based on the current status of management and maintenance of urban drainage systems and urban development needs, with which customers can receive professional and effective operating and maintenance services for drainage systems.

Hydraulic modeling consultation

We offer a scientific and highly detailed basis for management decisions. With the increase in standards for water management, stricter requirements are placed on the planning of the drainage system.

Therefore, in the early phase, all planning, construction goals, operation and maintenance must be included in the plan and taken into account holistically. The hydraulic model facilitates the planning of new network designs and restructuring measures and allows a cost reduction by optimizing the investment and operating costs. That is why hydraulic model is very important in the early phase of planning. It provides data support for the decision.

We adhere to the "practical and effective" service concept. We create hydraulic model for water ecology, flood management and operation of drainage systems.

  • Planning and simulation for regulation of urban waters
  • Planning for water management
  • Planning, optimization and restructuring of drainage system
  • Flood detection
  • Modeling and evaluation of precipitation data
  • Planning of structures for drainage systems
  • Analysis of the flood risk

Modular wastewater treatment in Banie, Poland.

The modular compact system from Dingler Wasser GmbH is used for the wastewater treatment project in Banie, Poland. It is manufactured by Dingler Wasser in Germany.

The modular compact system consists of a computer system, primary clarification, bio-stages, blowers, secondary clarification, sludge storage / thickener and operating room. Ventilated fixed bed system is used for the organic levels. During the later operating phase, it will be connected to the Smart Water Cloud System to enable remote control and automated operation,

-Qd Max in dry weather: 470.49 m3 / d

-QM Max in rainy weather: 720.0 m3 / d



Flap for cleaning the rainwater retention basin, Changde, Hunan, China

12 flushing flaps are used for the rainwater retention basin.

Size: 2800 x 400 mm

Sewer network modeling in a small catchment area in Beijing, China

Modeling the rainwater for the small catchment area Fengnan, Beijing.

The sewer network model is only being set up with which the effects of different rehabilitation plans can be compared.

The operating conditions of the pumping station are simulated with the model. The operation of the pumping station is optimized in conjunction with the selected rehabilitation plan.

Smart Water Cloud System, Fuzhou, China

-Management of plants, equipment and assets

-Production management, remote monitoring

-Control of sewer networks, flood information, mobile terminal

-3D representation, hydraulic model, data analysis

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Dingler Wasser GmbH is located in Frankfurt, Germany, known as the European Bridgehead.
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