Collecting the dirty water is an important part of the mixing system. The shaft is used to collect the dirty water and the initial rain runoff and to pass it on to the sewage treatment plant. This protects urban waters from pollution and promotes the collection of dirty water. The overflow reduces the outflow to the sewage treatment plant at high mixed water discharge peaks, so that the sewage treatment plant is loaded more evenly.

In dry weather, the shaft will store the dirty water and forward it to the sewage treatment plant. At the mixed water peaks, the mixed water is released into a body of water via a damper. The dam height can be adjusted by means of a damper so that the amount of waste water sent to the sewage treatment plant is kept under control. The outflow is regulated by throttle valves.

The shaft can be controlled via a SCADA application (Supervisory Control an Data Acquisition). The fill level, the positions of the damper and the throttle valve are recorded from the intelligent drainage system in order to optimize the operation of the shaft. The administrator can thereby collect the data and change the setting without entering the shaft.

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