Flushing gates

The flushing flap is used to clean the rainwater basin and the storage space channels via flushing surge. When the dry weather drain is small, the flushing flap retains water for flushing the bottom of the basin in the flushing chamber and cleans the rain overflow basins and storage space channels by opening the flap after the end of the accumulation.

Tilting weir

The tilting weir is used to regulate the discharge and level in the event of an overflow, so that the load of the sewage treatment plant is even. The use of the tilting weir can lead to a significant cost reduction compared to the fixed threshold. Water protection is improved by increasing the storage volume. Due to the version with 4-sided sealing, it can be used for flood protection.

Throttle valve

The throttle slide is mainly used to control the discharge and water level of canals, rainwater overflow basins or other storage structures. With the discharge control, the board is moved to a certain height. The positions are determined using measuring electrodes and controlled by the intelligent drainage system. The slide can also be used as a shut-off device.

Modular wastewater treatment plant

The Kampakt system is suitable for decentralized wastewater treatment and is designed for direct discharge into public waters. It is suitable for both underground installation and above-ground installation.

Jet cleaner

Sole cleaning using a jet cleaner is suitable for these pools. The use of several jet pumps can prevent the formation of deposits, but requires high investment costs and energy consumption. The horizontally swiveling jet cleaner offers the possibility of combining cost-effective cleaning with optimal adaptation to the respective pool shape.

Vacuum flushing systems

Vacuum flushing is used as a cleaning device in rainwater retention basins. In the event of heavy rain, drains in the pool are temporarily stored and slowed down into the drainage channel. The solids contained in the water settle on the ground during storage. When emptying the basin, the flow velocities are so low that the solids are not flooded and therefore remain there.


Technology package for the shaft

Collecting the dirty water is an important part of the mixing system. The shaft is used to collect the dirty water and the initial rain runoff and to pass it on to the sewage treatment plant. This protects urban waters from pollution and promotes the collection of dirty water. The overflow reduces the outflow to the sewage treatment plant at high mixed water discharge peaks, so that the sewage treatment plant is loaded more evenly.

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