Dingler Wasser GmbH visited the factory of the new partner

Our new partner is a Europe-wide leading expert for rainwater and wastewater treatment. Many of the patents developed by her have made a major contribution to environmental protection in Europe and the world. The company has 30 years of experience in the manufacture of products for decentralized water treatment.

On November 15, 2019, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Germany visited our new partner's factory.
Ms. Feng, Marketing Manager at Dingler Wasser GmbH and other representatives attended the event. Under the direction of the company's managing director, they visited rain and wastewater treatment plants and environmentally friendly water storage materials and had a macro-economic introduction to his numerous international projects. During the visit, representatives from Dingler Wasser were also given a number of professional solutions to problems related to their equipment and materials. Dingler Wasser expressed his willingness to make long-term contact.


Dingler Wasser took part in the WOD-KAN international fair

The 27th WOD-KAN International Water Fair took place from May 21st to 23rd in Bydgoszcz on the Polish river Bulda. As representative of Dingler Wasser, Mr. Tokarski, Technical Director of Dingler Wasser in Germany, project engineer Ms. You and the partner of the Polish representative office took part in the exhibition. Almost 400 exhibitors from all over the world and tens of thousands of participants exchanged the experience of water management for a sustainable global environment. In this exhibition, the modular wastewater treatment plant with a ventilated fixed bed system and the intelligent water cloud platform attracted many visitors and experts.

Delegation of Chinese environmental companies visited Dingler Wasser GmbH

The delegation of Chinese environmental companies was invited to Frankfurt to exchange know-how about Dingler Wasser GmbH. The delegation includes large companies in the field of urban drainage, equipment production and wastewater treatment.

Mr. Tokarski, technical director of Dingler Wasser GmbH, warmly welcomed the members of the delegation. The members of the delegation started active discussions and an exchange with us about the advanced technologies of wastewater treatment in China and Germany as well as the comprehensive treatment of urban waters. Mr. Tokarski gave the delegation a detailed presentation of the company's modular wastewater treatment plant.

The delegation praised our company for the comprehensive technical support from the planning phases to commissioning. Important consensus has been reached on the concept of water management after the discussion.

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Dingler Wasser GmbH is located in Frankfurt, Germany, known as the European Bridgehead.
Relying on the advantages of European talents, technology and scientific research, the company adheres to the German traditional concepts of reliability, practicality, advancedness and efficiency, combines the key points of comprehensive treatment of urban water environment, develops core technologies in key areas, and opens up a new chapter in the world's environmental protection and water affairs.

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