The Kampakt system is suitable for decentralized wastewater treatment and is designed for direct discharge into public waters. It is suitable for both underground installation and above-ground installation. The wastewater treatment plant has a modular structure. Multi-line system modules run independently of one another in parallel operation. The remaining modules are operated properly during repair and maintenance work.

The system consists of a computer system, preliminary clarification, bio-stages, blowers, secondary clarification, sludge storage / thickener and operating room. Ventilated fixed bed system is used for the organic levels. The wastewater is aerated by the blower during the main inflow times in intermittent operation. The secondary sludge is pumped into the sludge tank by means of a mammoth pump and mechanically thickened together with the primary sludge. If additional drainage is required, the system can optionally be expanded with drainage units.

The modules are delivered pre-assembled. Each module has already undergone several factory quality controls, leak tests and aerator tests.


-Direct discharge into public waters

-parallel operation, good security against accidents

-Compact system with complete cleaning stages

- low sewage sludge production

-flexible arrangement, expandable

- pre-assembled on delivery

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