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icon  +49 (0) 69 2578 6900

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About us

Dingler Wasser GmbH is located in Frankfurt, Germany, known as the European Bridgehead.
Relying on the advantages of European talents, technology and scientific research, the company adheres to the German traditional concepts of reliability, practicality, advancedness and efficiency, combines the key points of comprehensive treatment of urban water environment, develops core technologies in key areas, and opens up a new chapter in the world's environmental protection and water affairs.

Head Quarter in Germany


icon+49 (0) 69 2578 6900

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iconDingler Wasser GmbH
Gutleutstr. 169-171
60327, Frankfurt am Main

General Agency in China


icon+86 (0) 10 84787279/7351

icon+86 (0) 10 84787279/7351-808


iconFlr 6, Tower B, North Star Huixin Plaza,
No.8 Beichen East Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing, China