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The tilting weir is used to regulate the discharge and level in the event of an overflow, so that the load of the sewage treatment plant is even. It is equipped with the modern hydraulic unit. The material can be customized according to the requirement. It is widely used in our projects, e.g. in the rain basin, shaft or canal.

Thanks to the connection to our intelligent drainage system, the flaps can be monitored and operated remotely. We offer the storage flaps with different sizes. Our business area includes all services, including production, delivery, installation and maintenance.

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The delegation of Chinese environmental companies was invited to Frankfurt to exchange know-how about Dingler Wasser GmbH. The delegation includes large companies in the field of urban drainage, equipment production and wastewater treatment.
Mr. Tokarski, technical director of Dingler Wasser GmbH, warmly welcomed the members of the delegation. The members of the delegation started active discussions and an exchange with us about the advanced technologies of wastewater treatment in China and Germany as well as the comprehensive treatment of urban waters. Mr. Tokarski gave the delegation a detailed presentation of the company's modular wastewater treatment plant.
The delegation praised our company for the comprehensive technical support from the planning phases to commissioning. Important consensus has been reached on the concept of water management after the discussion.

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The wastewater treatment plant has a modular structure. Multi-line system modules run independently of one another in parallel operation. This ensures optimal cleaning performance and security against accidents. The remaining modules can be operated properly during maintenance work.

The wastewater treatment plant contains primary clarification, fixed bed biology and secondary clarification. The entire system is made of stainless steel 1.4301. In the future, the system can be expanded with automatic measurement of the sedimentation speed of the sludge.
-Direct discharge into public waters
-parallel operation, good security against accidents
-Compact system with complete cleaning stages
- low sewage sludge production
-flexible arrangement, expandable
- pre-assembled on delivery

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Collecting the dirty water is an important part of the mixing system. The shaft is used to collect the dirty water and the initial rain runoff and to pass it on to the sewage treatment plant. This protects urban waters from pollution and promotes the collection of dirty water. The overflow reduces the outflow to the sewage treatment plant at high mixed water discharge peaks, so that the sewage treatment plant is loaded more evenly.
In dry weather, the shaft will store the dirty water and forward it to the sewage treatment plant. At the mixed water peaks, the mixed water is released into a body of water via a damper. The dam height can be adjusted by means of a damper so that the amount of waste water sent to the sewage treatment plant is kept under control. The outflow is regulated by throttle valves.
The shaft can be controlled via a SCADA application (Supervisory Control an Data Acquisition). The fill level, the positions of the damper and the throttle valve are recorded from the intelligent drainage system in order to optimize the operation of the shaft.

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about us

Dingler Wasser GmbH was founded in 2015 in Frankfurt am Main. We are a professional environmental service company in the field of urban water management.
We deal with the introduction, promotion and implementation of technologies for the operation and maintenance of urban drainage networks. With innovations and many years of experience, we have developed into an intelligent platform that integrates planning advice, device manufacture, research and development, as well as operation and maintenance.
German equipment is very popular in the water industry today. We offer a complete solution for rainwater management, including planning rainwater ponds, equipment procurement, on-site installation, operation and maintenance. Thanks to the good cooperation, we have established a close relationship with our customers.
Based on reliable, practical and efficient concepts of environmental management in Europe, our company combines advanced technologies with key points of the urban water environment to develop optimal strategies for water management. This opens a new chapter in environmental protection in the world.

About Dingler Wasser GmbH

Environmental consulting

Services including environmental market research, searching for suppliers, product evaluation, company visits, commercial negotiation support, legal and tax consulting, purchase and sale of products, we will provide you with comprehensive consulting services throughout the whole business process.
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Production of machines for rain and wastewater technology

The "Made in Germany" label means higher quality standards for customers. Our expert has more than 25 years of experience in the development and production of wastewater treatment plants. Our products have always been made in Germany to meet the strict quality standard. Our projects and equipment are used across Europe and customer trust is built.
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Our company is currently in a rapid development phase, both domestic and overseas branches want to find excellent environmental engineers. Please send us your application per email or by post if you are interested. We will contact you as soon as possible.
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About us

Dingler Wasser GmbH is located in Frankfurt, Germany, known as the European Bridgehead.
Relying on the advantages of European talents, technology and scientific research, the company adheres to the German traditional concepts of reliability, practicality, advancedness and efficiency, combines the key points of comprehensive treatment of urban water environment, develops core technologies in key areas, and opens up a new chapter in the world's environmental protection and water affairs.

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